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The Synopsis

Many businesses service different types of clientele. But a copywriter can usually strike a similar tone for them all.

Not true with SB Beauty.

The Copywriting Challenge

Makeup artist/founder Sharon Becker needed to sound rigorously aloof for her commercial clients: creative directors in the shrewd world of fashion and branding. Yet her bridal clients craved effusive copy (can we say “gush”?), and her portrait subjects sought something creative (actors) without being over-the-top (business owners and other professionals).

All in all, we needed to strike four divergent voices—and provide magnetic copy for each.

The Solution

As with eclectic, 21st century design, we leveraged disparate copy components—then tied it all together.

  • In all four sections (Sharon’s bio page plus three service pages), our copywriters played up the human element of makeup artistry.
  • On the commercial page, the copy is potent—and ultra-succinct.
  • In contrast, the bridal page takes a warm, personable approach.
  • The portraits page bridges the gap by being direct…but earthy.
  • Sharon’s bio uses her own diverse experience (from acting to corporate non-profit work) to weave a surprisingly coherent story. All roads pointed to her current career, and our copywriters made that clear.

The final copy was flawlessly blended in all the right places.


High-impact jobs taught Sharon Becker how to remain professional under extraordinary pressure. A career in events planning taught her how to budget the scarcest resource: time. Before that, the four jobs she juggled making ends meet as an actor had given her discipline, and an unshakeable work ethic. Acting itself imparted polish—and a keen sensitivity to the spotlight.

But when it came down to it, all Sharon wanted to do was to create beauty.

“I believe in beauty. It’s holistic, and it most definitely comes from the inside. Beautiful skin. A great outlook. Confidence,” says the makeup and hair artist.

What the Client Said…

When Jean interviewed me, she really captured the true essence of what my business is all about. She took all of my background, passions, and commentary and turned it into something sellable.”

–Sharon Becker, Owner

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