Silver Moon Barbados


Picture sailing near Barbados in a crisp white catamaran. Bubbly locals hand over cocktails, making idle or fascinating chit-chat. The ocean mist tickles your back beneath the warm Caribbean sun. You dive in, and snorkel with sea turtles and shipwrecks, subsumed by the aqua sea. This is what Catamaran fleet owners Nick and Nicky Parker provide aboard their Silver Moon fleet. And they brought on MarketSmiths to bring it to vivid, palpable life on a website of jaw-dropping beauty.

Copywriting Challenge

How do you make readers feel, touch, and taste the treasures of Barbados—while sitting at their MacBook screens? That’s what MarketSmiths copywriter Alison Weissbrot set out to do—with copy that painted startling images on board Silver Moon’s celestial cruises.


Nick and Nicky were thrilled with the result: copy that sang their praises as the most pristine, attentive, and friendly crew on the Bajan coast. Our website copywriting allows readers to truly revel in the escape—compelling them to book that long overdue getaway immediately.

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Digital by MadPipe. Photography by Chellise Michael.

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