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SmartLinx Solutions

Our Client

Long recognized as a leading software platform in long-term healthcare, SmartLinx was looking to take its award-winning suite of workplace management tools to a broader audience.  

Our Challenge

It’s one of the most difficult moves in business. How do you expand into new markets without abandoning your bread and butter niche? For SmartLinx, it was about identifying what customers in that niche—long-term care—loved most about them, and extrapolating those benefits into larger themes that would benefit businesses in other industries.

From breaking down silos, to using data to surface opportunities for dollars saved and time recouped, to using tech to engage workforces and promote culture, we honed in on these 21st century ideas—and demonstrated how the SmartLinx platform could make them a reality. To help readers self-identify (and make it easier for them to get the answer they were looking for), we organized the content in three ways: by industry, by goal, and by role.

Our Shared Success

We worked seamlessly with the SmartLinx marketing team, flowing drafts back and forth and collaborating to create the copy below.

This is some of the best web copy I’ve read anywhere, and I’m hard pressed to find any sentence that doesn’t inspire. I love the way the sentences and paragraphs flow, they truly sing. —Naor Chazan, director of marketing

Take a look! The words are ours!

If you’d like to read more pages on this website, go to Smartlinxsolutionscom

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