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The Synopsis

Spring Design Partners VP of Strategy and Development Susan Federspiel is a good writer. For years, she had penned much of the branding design firm’s internal and external copy. But for the firm’s new website, she knew she needed to bring in a copywriter with an outsider’s perspective.

The Copywriting Challenge

For years, corporations had hired Spring Design Partners to execute on packaging design, and other small pieces of a visual big picture. But Spring Design Partners knew: visuals aren’t merely for strategy, they are strategy. The new website needed to demonstrate this radical, powerful idea.

The Solution

Among other things, we created a “manifesto” that challenges stale industry beliefs—while eulogizing the power of visuals. Our website copy also emphasizes the firm’s distinctions: from its ownership by a designer to the firm’s extraordinarily visual process.


A spectre is haunting your brand—the spectre of chaos. Fragmentation. Confusion.

You can blame it on an onslaught of competitors, in a downright frenetic age. But let’s face it: if your brand is sending inconsistent storylines to the market, then you’re the problem. Not only are you wasting money and confusing customers, you’re leaving your brand screaming for attention and gasping for air.

The good news? There’s a shortcut. Somehow—above the deafening din of the TV, the web, gleaming shelves—a handful of brands are not only heard: they’re revered.

What the Client Said…

Jean Tang has reshaped my perception of what a copywriter can be. Far more than an editor or wordsmith, she immersed herself in our industry, emerging to channel our message clearly, cleanly, eloquently, and with a keen awareness of how to grow our business.”

–Susan Federspiel, VP, Strategy & Development, Spring Design Partners, Inc.

What the Client Also Said…

Just read it and want to cry! It’s wonderful! I can’t believe how well they captured what we do.”

–From an internal email by Meghan Labot, Director of Client Services & Strategy Development, Spring Design Partners, Inc.

If you’d like to read more, go to springdesignpartners.com.

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