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In a daring departure from charter school fever, Springpoint helps school districts to design and launch innovative new high schools. The company needed website copy that broadcast freshness, without diverging from industry conventions. So it eschewed educationally-focused copywriters to hire the generalists at MarketSmiths.

Copywriting Challenge

How do you write fresh, while not losing your conventional audience? By using lively language that paints the familiar in a bold new palette. Springpoint needed copy that jumped off the page, intriguing and enchanting industry veterans without alienating them. That’s precisely what MarketSmiths delivered.


Our copywriters brought Springpoint’s initiative to life with website copy that’s clear, concise, and brimming with passion. Springpoint’s new copy addresses a diverse audience of district leaders, school designers, teachers, and parents. It does more than passively explain; it engages, while depicting a brave new world of schooling.

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