The Starling Method

The Starling Method is on a mission to transform team culture. With a decade-long record of runaway success in consumer products, the company sought a way to channel a brand that could guide users and captivate readers. MarketSmiths worked closely with Starling's team to establish its rich personality, differentiators, and offerings, creating web copy and instructional text with immense value.

MarketSmiths was able to solidify The Starling Method's personality and emphasize its immense value in the workplace.


Over several decades, a family-owned brand experienced runaway success, and became a household name in consumer products. Out of this came an innovative collaboration methodology—and the desire to offer it to the world at large.

Enter The Starling Method, an ingenious platform that helps teams work better together. After perfecting the method on their own, Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Marcella Kanfer Rolnick decided to share these practices with the world through Starling Method’s intuitive tech and human-centered design.

Copywriting Challenge

There was only one problem: Starling Method needed instructional text that channeled its brand, helpfully guided users, and captivated readers. That’s when founders Mamie and Marcella came to MarketSmiths—after seeing the results, they quickly enlisted our team of copywriters to craft evocative web copy, as well.


MarketSmiths worked closely with Starling’s team to crystallize its brand’s personality, differentiators, and offerings. The new web copy and instructional text accurately, consistently, and concisely conveys both Starling’s identity and its immense value.

What the Client Says…

It was a [terrific] experience. The process forced us to articulate our product, services, and brand in a whole new way. The collaborative process worked well and we were able to ask questions, offer suggestions, and push back when needed. We’re very happy with the results. After a great collaboration on the instructional text, we moved forward with copy for our website. This was a very different project, but again, we were thrilled with the outcome.


Fly as one.

Think richer. Collaborate smoother. Get more done.

Starling for Teams engages the whole team in a collaborative process that deepens thinking and maintains alignment. This means working smarter and accomplishing more.

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