Tangelo, a leading software platform that generates beautiful regulatory and shareholder documents, makes life easier for corporations around the world. To imbue its website with an "American feel,” Tangelo enlisted MarketSmiths to reimagine its brand voice. After a successful launch, Tangelo partnered with MarketSmiths to work on a variety of other copywriting projects, further honing its voice and brand presence.

Tangelo wanted to update their copy to have an American tone; Tangelo needed copywriting that understood its selling points and positioning.

Client: “We wanted to professionalize our international presence”

A leading platform for collaborating in-house to generate beautiful regulatory and shareholder-facing documents, Tangelo Software makes life easier for corporations around the world. With a powerful knowledge of Investor Relations personnel—and their specific needs, the company has proudly grown from Dutch roots to offices across five continents. 

In earlier days, co-founder Erwin Groenendal needed help attracting a diverse, global audience. “In 2015, we wanted to professionalize our international presence—and have a native English-language copywriter,” Erwin remembers, describing how that covered everything from leaflets to white papers. 

Happily, Erwin discovered MarketSmiths. Initially, he brought us on as Tangelo’s copywriting vendor to refresh Tangelo’s website copy. Immediately after a successful launch, Tangelo anointed MarketSmiths as partner, expanding our work to include white papers, email campaigns, sales collateral, case studies, blog posts, and newsletter copy.

Our relationship now spans the range of Tangelo’s marketing campaigns—and is the realization of Erwin’s vision of an all-purpose copywriting partner. 

Challenge: “People couldn’t understand it!”

Before MarketSmiths, Erwin recalls how he used to write Tangelo’s copy himself—and not even his wife liked the results. “She’d always tell me I wrote too technically,” Erwin laughs. “People couldn’t understand it!”

Language was another stumbling block. Of course, like most of his Dutch countrymen, Erwin speaks fantastic English. But what he really needed was native speakers to give Tangelo’s copy the kind of elegant, cosmopolitan tone typical of tech companies the world over. 

“I wanted our website to have the American feel,” he says. “Most technology companies are from the U.S. and I wanted Tangelo’s copy to have a similar tone.”

That question of tone was tough in another way, too. With great marketing strategies, Erwin had a lot of copy to get through. Erwin needed a writing partner that could quickly grasp Tangelo and its selling points—and craft robust, repeatable brand language around it. As Erwin puts it: “I think it’s very important to have that consistency in the copy, to understand our positioning.”

Shared Success: “It’s always a little magic that you copywriters do”

Right from the start of our partnership, Erwin was impressed with how quickly we grasped his company, along with its complex B2B product positioning, corporate and regulatory environment, audience base, and pain points. After his detailed input, he was able to sit back. He did “not spell everything out” for us—but became “very confident” in our partnership. As a result, he was able to free up his time to focus on expansion. 

With our support, Erwin started to see his marketing strategies pay off. Wonderfully, Erwin confirmed that our website copy secured Tangelo’s first Australian client back in 2015. Subsequently, Tangelo achieved a foothold in New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Erwin appreciates how our writers integrate past feedback into new projects, explaining that from direct mail ads to detailed white papers, “all our website content looks very professional and engaging.”

Erwin confirmed that we’ve helped Tangelo go from strength to strength. One recent LinkedIn campaign, for example, secured the company around 40 leads—from New Zealand to South Africa. 

Though we only had a day to write it—the designer was going on vacation, so we needed to get him the copy quickly—our new white paper for Tangelo proved a hit, too. “In just five days,” says Erwin, “your copy got us 17 downloads. That means 17 leads.” 

No wonder Erwin summarizes his experiences with MarketSmiths so positively. “Writing really is a very special skill and it’s impossible to do that yourself,” he says. “It’s always a little magic that you copywriters do.” 

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