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Techromatic, a rapidly growing IT consulting company, needed a one-sheet that told its story: succinctly and evocatively. Co-founders Paul Smith and Jeff Solomon hired MarketSmiths.

MarketSmiths fleshed out two points of distinction:

1) Techromatic is ambi-tech-trous: equally adept with Macs and PCs.

2) The company specializes in designing a 21st-century comfort zone for technology-phobic companies.

We highlighted these in a concise 8 1/2″ x 11″ one-sheet for the company to leave with new prospects.


You’re a walking, talking IT efficiency machine. Everything you need—email, attachments, documents, media—is ready at your fingertips: everywhere you go. The same goes for the people who work for—and with—you. Meanwhile, your data is tucked away: safe and accessible to those who need it—and protected from those who don’t.

You’re living fully in the 21st century—and you didn’t have to change a thing about your life. All you did was hire us.

What the Client Said…

Beyond furnishing us with outstanding copy for our one-sheet, MarketSmiths provided ‘business therapy’ as its copywriters helped us explore our business from a variety of important angles. The result was more than just copywriting: it provided us valuable insight that will benefit our company in a multitude of ways. We’re grateful to have found the copywriters of MarketSmiths, and look forward to future work with you!”

–Jeff Solomon, co-founder, Techromatic

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