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If you’ve ever engaged in analytical day trading, you probably learned pretty quickly how time consuming (and frankly biasing) the chart work can be. Entrepreneurial data guru Dan Ushman thought, “Why not feed this grunt work to the algorithms?”

Now, his labor of love—called TrendSpider—is a go-to data platform for traders everywhere. It provides an AI assist to boost performance, and makes technical day trading more effective and fun.

Our Challenge  

TrendSpider’s previous website buried the platform’s true value in industry jargon. Still, our clients were initially skeptical whether we could get up to speed. How does a copywriting team of non-traders grasp the value of this—then explain it to a technical crowd? Could our financial copywriters craft a site that clarified things, and even made the platform fun?

Our Shared Success

Unfazed, we dove headfirst into the industry specifics. We combined targeted questions with platform demos, research, and even a brief foray into day trading.

The finished website threads wit through reason, enticing visitors to explore all this platform has to offer. Browse on to read how we channeled TrendSpider’s benefits, with nary a word of jargon in sight.

To read more, go to https://www.trendspider.com/.

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