As a state-of-the-art technology company, TrialScope uses and distributes data to increase clinical trial transparency for the public. In order to make important information both accessible and insightful, it reached out to Marketsmiths for strategic, yet humanized copy. In the end, TrialScope saw the results they needed: 7% boost in new users, 17% more page views, 35% longer visit sessions—and an impressive 40% increase in contact form conversions.

TrialScope needed a copywriting team that could provide both humanized and strategic copy for the public.

Client: Conversion rates are up by over 40%

Did you know that there are over 10,000 clinical trials going on in the United States right now, testing around 2.8 million patients? That’s a lot of people—and a lot of data. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, TrialScope is a groundbreaking technology company that uses all that information to boost clinical trial transparency. 

Between disclosing trial sponsor data to regulators, sharing that information openly through the sponsor’s website, and reusing that data to speed up and diversify clinical trial recruitment—TrialScope has plenty to keep busy with.

Matching patients with the trials that will help them best, and keeping the public informed on how trials are going, TrialScope brings the oft-confusing and fraught world of clinical trials into the open—ensuring trial sponsors are being compliant with disclosure regulations along the way.

But how do you express that mission in simple, compelling language that people can actually understand—especially if you’re on a tight budget? That’s exactly the problem Naor Chazan, CMO at TrialScope, faced before tapping MarketSmiths. 

We’re a small company, where we often don’t have the money to hire a consultancy to do sophisticated messaging work in advance of hiring the copywriter,” explains Naor. But having worked with MarketSmiths for years, Naor and his team knew just where to turn—hiring us to revamp TrialScope’s latest website project.

Challenge: “You need a robust discovery to really write the most meaningful copy”

Before teaming up with MarketSmiths, TrialScope had already risen to become a respected brand in the industry, its TrialScope Disclose product safely established as the industry’s leading clinical trial disclosure software. 

But with exciting new products on the horizon, Naor needed help telling an even bigger story—all without dampening everything he’d achieved so far. In practice, he says, that meant finding a copywriting agency that dug in its heels and explored every facet of the company before putting pen to paper.

“You need a robust discovery to really write the most meaningful copy,” Naor explains. “Especially when there’s a brand new job, the writer has to really understand your business at a very deep level.”

Empathy mattered, too. With clinical trials often literally a matter of life and death, Naor needed a team of copywriters that could walk the line between scientific knowhow and humanization. As Naor puts it, he and his team are always “marketing to humans” whatever their individual backgrounds. 

Unfortunately, TrialScope was finding that it struggled to get the subtlety of this tone across, perhaps because in-house staff were simply too close to their products to get any broader perspective. “When we were writing our own copy,” remembers Naor, “we would go around in circles because we just couldn’t get it where we want it to be.”

Shared Success: “You really do your due diligence” 

Having worked with MarketSmiths on the TrialScope website and on previous ventures, Naor knew just who to turn to for his latest content marketing project. As he puts it: “MarketSmiths already had experience in the healthcare space.”

He was right. After bringing MarketSmiths on board, we soon conjured brilliant new copy for TrialScope’s Engage and Connect products. Among other superlatives, Naor describes what we’ve done as flawless.

Not that we succeeded overnight. As Naor explains, one of the great things about working with MarketSmiths is the amount of effort we put into research. “You really do your due diligence,” he says. “You work with the materials we give you, but even when we didn’t have our actual USPs polished, you were still able to help give us that as part of the package.

“It wasn’t just writing a website,” he adds. “It was helping us first articulate what we were going to say, and what to draw out of the benefits of the product in a way that made sense.”

Across all this, collaboration proved fundamental. Rather than just sending over drafts and getting on with our day, we prodded, probed, made suggestions—and ultimately helped shape TrialScope’s content strategy long after copy was due (and that always arrived on time, of course).

“You’ve always been able to help curate and corral the messaging into something a little more tangible and more human,” says Naor. 

With our help, it’s not surprising TrialScope has proved so successful. Apart from boasting “qualitatively” better web copy, Naor emphasizes he’s noticed an uptick in website traffic since we joined the team. 

That’s certainly reflected in the metrics. With a 7% boost in new users, 17% more page views, and 35% longer sessions, Naor and his team have seen contact form conversions rates rise by over 40%. 

No wonder, too, that Naor has come to think of MarketSmiths as more than just another business partner. “When you work for smaller companies,” he explains, “you have a toolkit of vendors that you work with and you trust.

“MarketSmiths has been in that top five for a very, very long time. I get the feeling that they value my side of the relationship. In that sense, they’re not just a vendorthey’re really my friends.”

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