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A medical technology company, TrialScope empowers clinical trial sponsors to do more to help patients living with disease. Not only does the company’s remarkable platform assist sponsors in meeting regulatory requirements, it lets the public know how each trial did—and then matches new patients with the trial(s) that will help them best. The TrialScope team is on a mission to achieve clinical trial transparency in every way—and they occupy a bold and necessary space for life sciences. 


How do you help an established, respected brand evolve to tell a bigger story—without impacting all the goodwill they’ve accumulated thus far? That was the challenge TrialScope brought to MarketSmiths. 

The company was already well-known for their flagship product, TrialScope Disclose: the industry’s leading clinical trial disclosure software. But they’d added two exciting new products to their technology suite—TrialScope Engage and TrialScope Connect. Not only did these new offerings elevate TrialScope’s value beyond disclosure, they represent industry-first tools. As such, they require science-savvy explanations, tailored to an audience of critical and skeptical thinkers. And they need to give these in a voice that channels empathy—as authentically as it demonstrates expertise. 


We dove deep, immersing ourselves in the complexities and controversies of the clinical trial landscape. That meant digging into our own independent research, mining TrialScope’s vast repository of existing content and marketing materials, and speaking directly with the company’s subject matter experts. By the time we put pen to paper, we understood not only each product’s unique benefits—we also gained a strong grasp of the bigger, life-affirming why. 

During copy development, selling points were prioritized, benefits refined, visions clarified, and use cases specified. Through MarketSmiths’ trademark collaborative approach, we worked side-by-side with the TrialScope team to accurately represent authority and exciting potential.  

Ultimately, we articulated an augmented version of the TrialScope brand—true to its roots, but now blazing an even broader trail for clinical trial transparency. The website features crisp, clear, and compelling copy that conveys deep industry expertise, visionary thinking, and revolutionary products—all with the warmth and compassion fit for a brand dedicated to improving human health.

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