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No lawyer in the world should ever dabble in criminal defense law. But many do. In contrast, Varghese & Associates pockets a lengthy record of criminal defense experience—with astounding results.

Copywriting Challenge

Our challenges were fourfold:

  • For a vast majority of clients, Varghese & Associates harvests referrals from other law firms. So our copy needed to suit a mixed legal/non-legal readership.
  • Our copywriters needed to express the urgency and delicacy of preserving one’s most precious rights, while remaining upbeat and comforting.
  • We needed to position the firm where it stands: as one of the most effective in NYC, without a corresponding price tag. But our client asked us to steer clear of stating that directly.


Varghese & Associates new copy reads easily and intelligently without showboating.

  • We emphasized what’s at stake for clients: their Constitutional rights, freedom, assets, and permanent record. As usual, we focused on results, not meaningless definitions.
  • We tailored our voice, practice explanations, and case summaries for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.
  • Rather than merely list accomplishments, we wove these into something more compelling: vivid narrative.
  • We pared down case summaries, stripping out Insider’s Baseball-type facts and legalese in favor of streamlined context and results.


If you’ve been arrested, prosecuted, or are being investigated for criminal conduct, protect yourself & call us right now.

To meet this challenge, you need the strength of a criminal defense firm with a track record of success. Without an experienced criminal lawyer by your side, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. Even if you are guilty, you have rights. And if you speak to the government without the right lawyer, you are in danger of losing them.

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