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The Synopsis

Wandrian Adventures CEO John Ricci wanted to start a club. Not just any club: an exclusive, limited-edition club for patrons of his luxury adventure outfitter.

The Copywriting Challenge

  • Wandrian is commonly confused with Abercrombie & Kent, Geographic Expeditions, and other luxury outfitters who go off the beaten track. But there are two major differences. One, Wandrian’s adventures are even more remote (300 miles v. 3 miles away from the crowds). Two, they’re completely bespoke: no two itineraries are ever the same.
  • We needed travelers to not only understand Wandrian’s distinctions—but also to sign up for them for the next 10 years (the club membership term).

The Solution

To us, Wandrian felt like a magic carpet—whisking you and your friends or family alone to far-off lands. So we plunked readers on a storybook adventure.

  • We crafted a new tagline: “Where Others offer a Set Itinerary, We Create It As You Dream…”
  • We used the smallest detail (crystal wine glasses on the North Pole) to illustrate the luxury and specificity of your adventure.
  • We brought three live itineraries to life: the North Pole, the truly-remote Himalayas, and the Huaorani, a primitive Amazonian tribal village (left).


In a world grown smaller, tailor made adventure is the final luxury. Akin to a time machine, it takes you to the earth’s most untrammeled pockets. Places you don’t even dream of..until the possibility hinges open like a storybook.

Welcome to Wandrian Adventures. Founded by cutting-edge traveler John Ricci, we enable you to continue crafting your life story—through our adventures to far-off lands. We scan the 7 continents for the exotic, the unseen, and the nearly untouched. Places strictly for locals—even if those “locals” are just a gang of polar bears.

Once we find these Never Never Lands, we step into them—creating luxury (down to the glassware), while treading lightly and respectfully within. It’s more than travel: it’s the way you can continue writing your life story.

What the Client Said…

Wow. I needed you in the past.”

–John Ricci, from an email expressing his first reaction.

Wow. I’m officially floored. That’s exactly the impression I wanted to create. Exclusivity.”

–Tracy Bartley, from an internal email to John Ricci.

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