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Corporate and exclusive event producer Diana Tsao of Diana Tsao Events sought vivid website copy, as well as copy for her LinkedIn profile and collateral. A woman of coveted talents, her copy needed to convey her extraordinary attention to detail, her savvy, objective-driven strategy, and her uncanny ability to bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to her clients—with meticulous and reassuring oversight.

Copywriting Challenge

MarketSmiths stepped in to paint a bright portrait of all Diana is capable of creating—from attention-grabbing product launches, to an unforgettable races with Formula 1 stars (yes, she can pull that off). The copy needed to demonstrate Diana’s own style: goal-oriented endeavors driven by whimsical creativity.


Diana’s new copy is crisp and informative, giving prospective clients a lifelike glimpse into a night of her expert production. We made sure to show readers all that she’s capable of—bringing the impossible into palpable reach, just as she does.

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