As an intuitive workforce management software provider, NextCrew wanted its platform to resonate with prospective clients and generate more growth. After doing an exploratory deep-dive and solidifying a strong content strategy, MarketSmiths created website copy that was informative, relevant, and

With its intuitive SaaS solution, Nextcrew needed copy that would capture clients' attention and drive meaningful growth.

The Challenge

NextCrew, a workforce management software provider, sought to bring its clients the quick, efficient technology solutions today’s market demands. Many staffing companies and employers viewed workforce management as a tedious process, and MarketSmiths was tasked with presenting the benefits of NextCrew’s streamlined platform in a clear way—inspiring prospective clients to join the revolution.

The Solution

Minding SEO and NextCrew’s key USPs, MarketSmiths worked with Digital Web Consulting to craft a powerhouse website that speaks directly to common staffing woes. After an exploratory deep-dive, our surgical content strategy helped make NextCrew’s site informative, resonant, and built to incite action.

The Result

An SEO-driven site that defines NextCrew’s offering from A to Z, and a customer holding his head high as he leads the workforce management world into the next generation.

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