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Located in Minneapolis, World Coppersmith is a manufacterer of high-end coppy and coppy-alloyed products. MarketSmiths was tasked with writing new product descriptions that would captivate cooks and gift-givers alike while differentiating the company's new products from those of other established household brands. After learning about the new line of cookware, discussing performance features, and finetuning the details, we crafted compelling copy that accurately reflected World Coppersmith's brand.

With a new line of copper kitchenware, World Coppersmith needed compelling product descriptions that would set it apart from its competition.

Our Client

A Minneapolis-based manufacturer of high-end copper and copper-alloyed products, World Coppersmith is constantly expanding its product line, (literally) forging new products, from bathtubs to tabletops to cookware. Case in point: the company had just created a new line of entry-level performance copper cookware, and chose MarketSmiths to write the product descriptions. With a name so similar to ours and a shared mission of excellence, we were eager to help them position their products—and win a quick and loyal following.

Our Challenge

How do you debut a boutique product line to compete with more firmly established, household brands (and what, by the way, should you call it)? How do you strategize the content architecture to consolidate similar products—and still carefully distinguish each individual size and function?

How do you ensure that your product descriptions will appeal to a broad and diverse swath of qualified cooks and gift-givers? Out of the infinite choices available, which meal preparations offer the best examples of cookware in action—and how do you get readers to salvate, without the benefit of mouth-watering photography?


The Result

First, we persuaded our client to change the name of the product line from something overtly masculine to the more gender-neutral Chef Series. Next, we learned about each product, discussing performance features, usage enhancements, and other details—and drawing clear and helpful insights. We used these insights to recommend a universal structure for each product category—and to suggest how each product would relate back to the rest of the line. Finally, we wrote the descriptions, polishing the client’s existing brand statement, and supplying answers to a strong set of FAQs.

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