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The Synopsis

Worstofall Design is a Brooklyn-based design shop that draws prominent clients (Six Flags, Tom Ford, rising star Lana del Rey) by means of its bold logos, fine art illustrations, edgy brand concepts, and counterintuitive websites.

The Copywriting Challenge

Principals Steve Wasterval and Pia Silva wanted their new website copy to exude “cool.” Our copywriters needed to convey that without losing the delicacy of the point—thereby suffocating the reader.

The Solution

Worstofall’s new website copy communicates its non-traditional methods in a straightforward way.

  • Our copywriters leveraged professionalism (structured project management, extreme responsiveness, high-touch service) as a backbone for the shop’s rebellious fine-art approach.
  • We gave the quirky name (a distortion of “Wasterval”) clarity and spin, by folding it into the copy (see left) in a clever, ironic way.
  • As with our own portfolio, our copywriters wrote brief yet engaging case studies for each Worstofall design project. Each one tells a story.
  • Pia’s bio was a challenge, since her previous experience is collaterally related to this one. Instead of downplaying her talents with production and project management, our copywriters brought these skills to the forefront.

The final copy emits edgy irony—just like its subject.

Web design by Steve Wasterval of WorstOfAllDesign (duh!).


“In design, it’s easy to let technology do most of the heavy lifting. But as classically trained artists, we prefer our sketchpad, pencil, and bare naked imaginations. Worst of all, we approach every project this way.

In design, limiting your fonts is accepted as a safe practice. Yet our hand-made lettering is eclecticism, defined. Worst of all, we might apply different fonts to every letter, without even flinching.

Where design likes to be tidy; we revel in contrarianism. Where it spews rhetoric; we’re glued to substance. True, we’re just a little bit pleased with our own naughtiness. And that’s the Worst of All.  TRUST US, IT’S THE BEST POSSIBLE THING FOR YOUR BRAND.

What the Client Said…

How do I write eloquently about what an eloquent group of copywriters Jean Tang and the MarketSmiths team are?! I need them to write it. What can I say? They’re very talented, have such a way with words, and with asking the right questions to get the true story out of you. They have been helping us with the content on our website, as well as just figuring out what our core message is, and finding out voice, and I love working with them. I sing praises for Jean and her writer’s collective, MarketSmiths, constantly and recommend her highly!”

–Pia Silva, co-owner

If you’d like to read more, go to worstofalldesign.com.

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Digital by MadPipe. Photography by Chellise Michael.

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