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Ziggurat's Building Information Modeling services help streamline construction projects while maintaining its budget. MarketSmiths helped craft copy that accurately captured Ziggurat as the expert in the architectural space—providing informative, yet still accessible content to a diverse readership.

As a top NYC firm, Ziggurat needed copy that would demonstrate its expertise and knowledge.

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When building a skyscraper, hotel, or other large-scale construction project, NYC developers can nearly always count on one thing: a budget overrun. That’s where technology steps in: Ziggurat’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) services take a strategic role, facilitating coordination, eliminating inefficiencies, and helping to complete projects seamlessly and on budget.

Copywriting Challenge

Our copywriters needed to:

  1. Address a diverse readership of developers, owners, reps, architects, engineers, contractors, and technologists–all with a range of knowledge, experience, and motivations.
  2. “Sextify” technology.
  3. Convey Ziggurat’s absolute experience (as the top NYC firm of its kind), without droning on or writing generically.


The new copy is clear and concise, positioning Ziggurat as accomplished and expert. Written for both insiders and outsiders, the fresh text strikes a graceful balance between technical terms and human accessibility.


Building a skyscraper, world-class hotel, retrofit, or other complex, large-scale project can generate conflicts, redundancies, and wasted money. Whether due to clashing schedules, unworkable logistics, or something else, these inefficiencies trigger delays, change orders, budget overruns, and more.

But all of this can be prevented. At a fraction of the cost of fixing an ongoing problem, you can prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s where we come in: Ziggurat’s expertise bridges your project’s technology gaps.

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