Your products dazzle and delight. Let their copy do the same.

Product Copywriting Service

Retail Product & Ecommerce Copy

Your Products are Superior

Your products fill a common need. Solve a problem. Make people feel good. They’re innovative—but without copy to match, they’re just items on a (digital) shelf. Maybe your eCommerce descriptions or brand story falls flat, your packaging text lacks oomph, or you just don't have the manpower to meet relentless demand and rapid turnaround times.  

This should not be your cross to bear. After all, everyone knows:

  • Vivid brand stories elevate brands—and move products, too. 
  • Lively product descriptions motivate buyers to add items to their carts, followed by a sure checkout—even in just 25 words.
  • Benefit-driven product bullets provide robust inspiration, providing vibrant, tangible reasons to buy.  
  • High-ranking, well-written Amazon descriptions fairly leap off the page, resulting in filled shopping carts and well-populated doorsteps.   

Consider a retail product and eCommerce copywriting team to solve this dilemma—and move your goods. 

Reach Through the Screen

Count on MarketSmiths. We position your items to be desirable and accessible—particularly if they require the broad brushstrokes of imagination, and the precision brushstrokes of technical specificity. Whether your products are high-end, high-performance, or high-minded, we help them to sell.

Rather than flatly state what your product is, our product and ecommerce copywriting bounces with brand personality. Rather than discuss features or address needs (booo-ring), we demonstrate how your products make life beautiful, easy, or awesome. And we provide a proper brand introduction to your audience so they can get to know who they’re buying from—and identify with your unique voice. Your audience will be virtually peeling open your packaging, feeling the weight of your gizmos in their palms, and otherwise attached to their purchases—before they're even made.

Copywriting a New eCommerce Site

If you’re setting up a grand and glorious (or a spectacular and specific) e-commerce site, you’ve got a lot more to set up than product descriptions. We provide support with:

  • UX/UI insights, produced in collaboration with your design team 
  • Punchy web copy that sparks a hunger to learn more
  • FAQs and other web pages that easily serve up pressing consumer information
  • Terms, conditions, and policies that use plain English to express what you need and want (without any legal advice)
  • Friendly autoresponder emails for everything from opt-in to order confirmations
  • Mobile app copy for your on-the-go audience

Ready for Checkout?

With desire locked in, everything becomes easier. With all the right words aligned, your consumers are eager to click. click. buy.


Here are the most common ones we receive:

My product is very specific. How do you make the copy sound just so?

We take into consideration the target demographic, price point, and your brand voice and tone, guaranteeing the copy reflects the quality, too.

Our product could use a refresh. Can you tackle that?

Absolutely! We love to take existing products and breathe new life into their legacy.

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