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You’ve got your potential client’s project mentally laid out. Here is how it will kick off; here is the way it unfolds; here is where your company adds incredible value; here is where you’re going to rock this company’s world.

The only problem? Writing that down in a way that will get the attention of the decisionmaker–and hold on steadily during the oftentimes rocky road to a signed procurement.

When it comes to proposal copywriting, the line is thin. You want to demonstrate value, and provide enough details about process to position your work as delicious, tangible, and necessary. But you can’t afford to overload your prospect with TMI.

Let Us Walk the Tightrope

At MarketSmiths, we write your proposal content differently: we provide more content and clarity in fewer words. Period. We cut out the standard gibberish, and instead pin down the meat of it: the why and how. If there’s a live fish on your hook, we can customize your proposal according to who that is, how far along you are, and which variables might be subject to change. For more open-ended proposals, we can provide 2 or more different options, each one as crisp, confident, and convincing as the last. Either way, your proposal will illuminate your grand plan—with nothing lost in translation. Once you’ve achieved that, all you’ve got to worry about is the execution.

If you’d like to make prospects a confident and compelling offer they can’t refuse, fill out our Contact form, and we’ll be in touch!

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