Proposal Copywriting

Get to Yes.

The sales meeting is done. A success! Your team came in with a great sales deck, clinched the pitch, and piqued solid interest. Now, you’ll need to detail the approach, put numbers to the page, and remind them how much they like your offering. You’ll need a sales proposal that crystallizes your value—and takes a theoretical yes to a firm commitment. 

This isn’t the time to bore, confuse, or alienate decision makers. There’s too much at stake. Beyond the risk of competitive bids swooping in, you’re dealing with newfound trust: still tender, fragile, and easy to jog or spill. 

This is the time to reinforce alignment. Showcase readiness, excitement, momentum. Flex those muscles of competence, capability, and confidence. 

Here are a few key tactics to help you nail your next sales proposal—and solidify a deal to remember:

It’s about them, not you. 

Nine out of ten proposals kick off the same way: We do this, we do that—we, we, we. 

Don’t be a drone. Flip that script. Lead off talking about them, articulating the clarity you have about their needs and wants with intelligence. But also fervor. Show them you get it, and they’re right to put their faith in you.  

Cut to the chase

Nobody wants to slog through 20 pages jammed top-to-bottom with dense, indecipherable jargon. Break it up. Make it visual. Condense. Whether you’re describing your onboarding process or pricing options, boil your content down an easy-to-read distillation. Not only does that boost the chance it gets read, your prospect will appreciate you doing the heavy lifting for them. 

Don’t make them think.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes—they’ve got a lot to consider, from budget to timeframes to how you’ll integrate your offering into their culture. Get ahead of those questions, and try to answer as many as possible. Can you lay out a cost-benefit analysis then and there? Do it. Is there a way you dovetail with their existing workflows that makes things easy? Spell that out. Remove objections before they arise and you’re halfway to yes. 

Yes, your proposal needs to cover the essential nuts and bolts of onboarding, process, pricing, and so forth. But, more than that, it must transport them forward in time where they can actually get a sense for just how fantastic the experience of working with your company is going to be. 

At MarketSmiths, we craft this sort of high-impact content daily. If you’d like help assembling a knock-out proposal that moves the deal forward, get in touch now.

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