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When You Can Market Anything—Except Yourself

As an enterprise marketing executive, you specialize in amplifying audiences, expanding interest, and moving the needle for growth. Through rarified intuition, creativity, strategic know-how, storytelling chops, thoughtful experimentation, relational skills, and other hard-won craft, you feel like you can market anything…with one glaring exception. Yourself

That’s right. When it comes to writing your own LinkedIn profile, bio, resume, and/or cover letters, you find yourself slightly off balance. Makes sense: you embody serious marketing firepower. But telling your own story—knowing what to highlight, when to brag, how to add context, without drowning in words—is a tall order for most. 

Resumes and bios, exclusively for marketers 

We can help you find your new role. At MarketSmiths, we spend our days working with marketing leaders across industries, from CMOs to Sr. Directors to Managers. We admire your gifts, we know firsthand what makes them special, and we can position your career narrative in a way that’s crisp, polished, and compelling. Doesn’t matter if you’re making a pivot or headed for uncharted territory. We’ve got this. 

We’ll find your story—and map out plot, sub-plot, character arcs, and conclusions. By prompting you for crucial insights from an arms’ length perspective, we’ll strike the sweet spot between bold and boastful. By building in effortless contextual cues, we’ll frame your achievements in a way that’s clear, digestible, and lingering. We’ll ensure your credentials read as impressive, captivating, and effective as you

Ready to put together a personal marketing package that feels easy—and can’t miss the mark? Contact us, and we’ll take it from there.

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