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Boardroom? More like bored-room.

Whether you’re presenting a new product or attracting new investors, a brilliant idea only shines as brightly as its pitch. Without a great sales deck, it’s easy to crash and burn. You want to nab your audience from the get-go, increasing velocity so that when you get to your ask, they’re leaning forward, not nodding asleep.  

Put the ‘Power’ Back in ‘PowerPoint’

That’s where MarketSmiths’ copywriters come in. Our decks produce momentum from slide one and onwardsRe-sequencing traditional PowerPoint structures, we leverage a broad toolkit to turn indifference into urgency–often in ten slides or less. We give the listener room to make up his own mind—while making your pitch subtly impossible to refuse.

How do we do it? It’s not enough to understanding your offering or your goals—we get inside the head of your audience, appeal to their desires, and craft a message that goes straight to the hearts and minds. Sales decks filled with bad copywriting are bound to fail, but even strong writing can fall flat if you forget the audience’s perspective. Your sales deck will speak confidently and concisely, sparking interest, stirring passion, and spurring action.

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