Collateral Is Sexy—Especially When It Gets the Job Done

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Sales Enablement Resources

Content to Close Deals

Your sales team has an urgent, ongoing need for content: PDFs to email to leads, printed material to bring along, sales decks that will help make their case—facilitating interest, next steps, added business, or a quick close. 

MarketSmiths can satisfy these needs: quickly and effectively. Under client direction, we’ve crafted breakthrough RFPswinning PDFs, and incisive email campaigns. We've inverted traditional sales decks to transform indifference into urgency. We’ve interviewed customers to support story-driven case studies, showcasing them as the heroes—and you as their radiant accomplice. Our brochures are ready to activate via email, Zoom, or print—and what's more, they work

Lead Them Through the Funnel

A staggering 65% of businesses say that generating leads and traffic is their biggest marketing challenge. Simply put: we see it as our role to get your leads as far along in the sales funnel as possible—up to and including an easy close. We extend this mission to everything your audience may see or read, including landing pagescontent marketing campaigns, emails, lead magnets, and other traditional top- and middle-of-funnel materials, which are (after all) part of their journey to sales.

What you get is substantive vs. salesy. Humanized vs. humdrum. It engages where it should—and offers persuasion and freedom in equal measure. What's more, we make it fun to work with us—exploring your value, understanding the sales cycle, gaining specific insights that connect with customers, and finding exciting ways to make your revenue soar.

Some of the Collateral We Do

Pitch Decks

Whether you’re attracting investors or getting a new product line off the ground, a brilliant idea only shines as brightly as its pitch. Far beyond informing (or droning on about yourselves), you want to nab your audience from the get-go, increasing velocity so that when you get to your ask, they lean forward—not back.

B2B Sales Collateral

B2B copywriting is specialized: while you’re busy explaining complexities and leveraging industry jargon, it’s tough (and rare) to make it exciting. But with the right skillset, it’s possible. That’s what MarketSmiths does: we make B2B2B and B2B2C assets undeniably human, generating momentum while making their CTAs subtly impossible to refuse.

Brochures & One-Sheets

The best sales collateral gains attention, builds rapport, secures trust, then generates urgency—all while making readers feel they’re the ones in control. Ideally, that’s what your brochures, one-sheets, and other PDFs ought to do. One little hint? The right skillset isn’t about explaining—it’s about connecting.

Copywriting for Humans ®

Means declaring War on the Bland™. See Jean Tang's TED talk.

TED Talk: Copywriting for Humans by Jean Tang of MarketSmiths
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