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Maximize the #1 SEO tactic: great content. 

  • Initiating 3.5 billion daily searches, 78% of buyers use the web to research before buying. (Neil Patel)
  • 75% of users look exclusively to page 1 search results for their research (imFORZA), with 60% of traffic going to the first three companies that pop up (Search Engine Journal).

In a world where content is king, SEO is the golden throne it sits on. Laced with high-powered keywords, well-strategized, high-quality content will raise your rankings. As a result, effective SEO copywriting is an imperative: not an option.

For a strategic marketer, it’s not about deciding whether to introduce SEO copywriting. It’s about how. For example:

  • Which SEO components should you focus on? Headers, page titles, meta data, keywords, image tags, all of the above?
  • Where will these components live? On landing pages, in thought leadership pieces, on an owned blog?
  • If you’re not an SEO strategist or content writer… how do you ensure your content is up-to-snuff?

SEO copywriting, written to be read

It’s a well-known fact that simply indexing a page with SEO keywords doesn’t work. Google doesn’t care. Instead, your content must be clickable, readable, and useful. Great SEO copywriters help you achieve this at scale—without your copy sounding forced or overly mechanical. And if they’re a cut above, they also make sure your content is robust, weave in independent research, and even look at what your competitors are doing to make sure your content is better.

Hiring professional SEO copywriters can help make your pages sing with search-friendly content. They understand the evolving intricacies of SEO (like the difference between high-domain authoritative links and long tail keyword phrases, and why both are important)—and apply them to methodically to help you rise to the top of search engine results.

Finding one of these top-notch SEO copywriters? Well, that’s as easy as clicking hello. 

All rise (in the search rankings)

At MarketSmiths, we craft SEO optimized copy and content for everyone from food delivery apps to lending software companies—and put a human spin on their keyword-flecked pages. Our process requires no hand-holding from your marketing team. And within months, many of our clients report improved rankings. 

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