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Unlock your software’s full potential.

Step one, done: Your product really shines, solving a nagging problem that people are aware of—or ought to be. The vision is clear, and the road map is laid out before you. Now all you need to do is take it to the masses.

There’s just one teensy, tiny issue.

You don’t know how to communicate that. When you try to get the word out—on your website, landing pages, emails, etc.—your copy is obscure, dense, and full of jargon. Not clear, and not fun to read. No matter how great your product is, sales will lag—unless people can instantly grasp how it will make their lives incredible. 

Maybe your team is too close to it, unable to see the forest for the trees. Or perhaps they’re having trouble expressing value in everyday terms. Cookie cutter messages and stale buzzwords are also common culprits. All of this adds up to your product not getting the demos and downloads it deserves.

If you could get the product copywriting right? Nothing would stop you.

5 objectives for software copywriting that works

Here’s the thing: the key to writing arresting, actionable product copy is not all that different from other types of copy. Hook readers into a story where your product is their ticket to victory. In addition to being entertaining and educational, ensure your copy achieves these 5 goals:

  1. Get their attention. Puncture indifference and distraction with powerful clarity
  2. Entice them to read. Don’t beat around the bush—what’s in it for them? 
  3. Build trust and rapport. Convince readers you’re the one for the job. 
  4. Create urgency. Obliterate the inclination to put off decision-making.
  5. Lead them to action. Establish an easy next step—and ask readers to take it.

This kind of product copywriting works because it’s based on timeless principles used by everyone from the Ancient Greeks to Amazon—and they can work for you too. 

A word of caution: If you’re going to outsource this, you don’t want to be hand holding. If you sell a B2B platform, you don’t want a product copywriter who is a technology novice. Conversely, it can be challenging to work with a copywriter that’s resting on their laurels (and on stale language). You need just enough knowledge to be dangerous—paired with a freshness of purpose.

Since 2010, MarketSmiths has been crafting technology and software copy for the world’s most notable platforms, most exciting startups, and everything in between. For product copywriting that bypasses jargon, achieves crystal clarity, and blasts past indifference, get in touch today.

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