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A champion of high-end content, Jean Tang lives in tribute to words that sizzle, snap, and gleam. In 2010, at the inaugural TEDx Gramercy, she declared a war against tepid, corporate copy.

DANIEL, StrategySmith

Our Marketing Director, Daniel DiGriz, is responsible for integrating MarketSmiths initiatives in sales, marketing, education, and technology. Informally, he is our SEO Guardian, Analytics Professor, and Marketing Grand Strategist.


Britton specializes in building relationships by developing durable solutions for clients with complex needs. Fueled by insatiable curiosity, she loves meeting new people, learning crafts, and traveling the globe.

ALYSSA, OpsSmith

Alyssa leads business operations and serves as chief of staff at MarketSmiths. Prior to joining the team, her career spanned corporate finance to growth stage/post-IPO tech. When not working on scaling companies, she’s planning her next local outing or trip abroad.

MICHELE, SmileSmith

Clients warm up to Michele immediately, and so do those who read her writing. As MarketSmiths’ SVP of Content Strategy and Thought Leadership, Michele makes even the most complex B2B concepts inviting and knows how to add just the right touch of personality. Michele’s experienced in three-word taglines and 30-page websites and everything in between—white papers, press releases, e-communications, brochures, social media, and video scripts.

HEATHER, AccountSmith

Heather works on accounting and project management. She previously worked at a fast paced CPA firm doing outsourced accounting and loves applying her skills to MarketSmiths work! She enjoys geeking out on spreadsheets and traveling in her free time.


Jennifer has a laser focus on the needs and desires of target audiences. It’s her sales background along with her journalism and interactive media skills that drive campaign success. Jennifer lives in New York but maintains her southern sensibilities. She loves food, tasty cocktails, binge-watching foreign TV shows, yoga, and cats.

VICTORIA, BrandSmith

A strategic thinker and creative writer, Victoria arrives at MarketSmiths with over a decade’s experience creating brand identities for companies in the food and beverage industry. From developing engaging copy and creating innovative ways to think about your product or service, to nailing down a distinct voice that attracts target audiences, Victoria delivers copy that clients can sink their teeth into.

PAUL, TuneSmith

What do you get when you combine the soul of a musician with the mind of a writer? Copy that sings. And for the last decade, that’s precisely what Paul has delivered for global brands, bootstrap startups, and everything in between. When he’s not hard at work crafting top-notch communications, you can find Paul hanging with his wife and two young daughters, singing and playing guitar for The Vice Rags, or roaming the streets in search of the nearest slice of pizza.

BRIANA, WonderSmith

Briana is a writer, wanderer, and wonderer (who isn’t always this alliterative). An unshakeable sense of curiosity has led her everywhere from far-flung coastlines to the classrooms of Princeton University. Steadfast in the pursuit of passion, she is happiest when exploring nature, reading, and putting pen to paper.

JENNN, DeepDiveSmith

Jennn leaves no stone unturned in discovering the most authentic voice and engaging statistics to season your content. Armed with a degree in Journalism/English and 18+ years’ experience, Jennn specializes in timely, relevant, thought-provoking long-form copy. Off-duty, she’s organizing costume parties, training German Shepherds, soaking up nature, and studying child psychology.

ANNE, OutdoorSmith

After dabbling in journalism, communications, and science publishing, Anne found her way to MarketSmiths. When she’s not writing, this New Jersey native is likely spending time outdoors or expounding on the importance of the Oxford comma.

OLIVIA, BiblioSmith

Affectionately nicknamed Lib by her friends and family, Olivia has always found home in books and the places that safekeep them. You can often find Olivia browsing the fiction aisle at the nearest library, a cup of tea in hand. Her passion for language brought her to the Canary Islands last year, where she taught creative writing to elementary students.

DEVIN, BeatSmith

Forever curious, Devin writes to learn. Before becoming a ‘Smith, he studied as a software engineer while honing his craft writing short fiction as well as acerbic cultural critique in the arts space. He’ll always shore up time for a good idea.

ZOE, ThoughtSmith

Zoe is an avid reader and devoted cat mother from New Orleans, Louisiana. She moved to New York to study writing and linguistic anthropology at Sarah Lawrence College. In her free time, Zoe enjoys working on her stage play, creating video art, tending to her indoor garden, and, of course, lounging with her cats.

ERIN, ThrillSmith

A native Texan, Erin spent years performing in the theater before returning to her first love, writing. She believes stellar copy can make a brand’s voice as dynamic and unforgettable as an Oscar-winning performance, and for her, landing on that perfect word is nothing short of thrilling. Erin finds joy in crowded bookshelves, her spirited family, writing her novel, and dancing her heart out.

SHIWON, DreamSmith

CHRISTINA, FoodieSmith

A native Bostonian, Christina has written for newspapers up and down the north shore of Boston before joining MarketSmiths. When she’s not writing or honing her craft, you can find her dabbling in the foodie scene and learning all there is to know about the royals.

GEORGE, EarSmith

Before joining MarketSmiths, George’s professional experience spanned gaming, education, and big law. He is a born New Yorker and graduated from Columbia University.

CAITLIN, StorySmith

Caitlin is a theatre-person-turned-copywriter with a deep love for good storytelling. In her stint as a freelancer, she wrote everything from corporate blog copy to a screenplay adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. When Caitlin isn’t writing, you can usually find her at a play or concert, checking out a new coffee shop, or exploring the city.

OLIVIA, DualitySmith

From GDP per capita growth rates to child development blogs, Olivia has taken her enthusiasm for both economics and writing to Baltimore then London and back again. Whether playing a competitive game of Boggle or writing a short story, Olivia is always looking for new outlets for her passion for words.

CAROL, FireSmith

Carol is a writer, traveler, storyteller, and an endlessly curious learner. Her favorite things include food, coffee, planes, and making a big mess in her kitchen.

TRISTAN, AdventureSmith

Tristan loves learning and travel, and has a passion for storytelling. He strives to understand and tell the stories of those around him through different mediums. For him, each day is an adventure waiting to happen.

KELLY, JokeSmith

Kelly is originally from North Carolina, and has been working in New York as a writer, comedian, filmmaker and musician for the last seven years. When she’s not writing copy, a novel, a screenplay or a song, Kelly can usually be found performing stand-up all over the city.

MELISSA, ImpressionSmith

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa moved to New York to study economics and art. Her biggest passion, writing, led her to MarketSmiths, where she crafts precise and thoughtful copy that leaves a lasting impression on its audience. Outside of the copy world, she attends poetry readings, visits contemporary art exhibits, and dabbles in ballet.

JOHN, IndieSmith

John is a versatile, award-winning senior-level copywriter who’s produced impactful, creative content on behalf of the New York City Department of Transportation, Oakley, ZeroWater, SeaWorld, The Washington Redskins, Noble Energy, and many other high-profile clients. His agency experience includes stints at Burson-Marsteller, JWT, and Hal Riney & Partners.
He’s able to generate unexpected, highly conceptual, strategically sound solutions at a moment’s notice.

MARIA, AthleteSmith

A three-time member of Team USA, Maria was an elite athlete and bronze medalist at the Duathlon World Championships. She brings that same competitive spirit and perfectionism to everything she does, making her a hawkeyed copy editor and proofreader—no spelling or grammar errors will best her. She is also particularly proud of being able to recite all 50 states in alphabetical order.

ERIN, CriticSmith

Erin pursued the written word in college because it seemed like the only natural thing to do. Now, as a copywriter, arts critic, and fiction author in New York City, she’s pretty sure she made the right choice. When she’s not crafting a brand article, legal blog post, or Off-Broadway review, Erin can usually be found working furiously on her latest book idea – at all hours of the night!


After a short stint as an actress (career highlight: Ophelia in a Hamlet set in an insane asylum) Elizabeth decided she preferred writing her own words to reciting those of others.

MARK, ThoughtfulSmith

Mark is a master content developer, strategist, thought leadership writer, and editor with deep experience in financial services, health, travel, and lifestyle. After an award-winning career at national magazines, he headed the ultra net high worth content program at Merrill Lynch and the global thought leadership program for State Street Global Advisors.

HALEY, CaptionSmith

Haley is a master teacher turned copywriter, with expertise in making the technical feel tangible. As a self-proclaimed caption queen, Haley loves the challenge of saying more with less—almost as much as she loves an iced matcha latte. 

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