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Copywriting For Startups

Carving out new offerings. Delineating operations (and making it up as you go). Attracting investors, customers, advisors, AND talent. Seeing your vision brought to life from thin air.

As founder or leader of a startup, you've got your hands significantly full. The last thing you want is cobbled together content that sounds generic—and doesn't work. Good thing you found the professional writers at MarketSmiths.

You Have Enough on Your Plate

If you’ve tried doing your own startup copywriting, consider outsourcing crucial pieces to us.

Our writers know how to capture your best qualities, delivering marketing copy that’s friendly, informative, punchy, and effective. How? We've got at least two things you and your team members lack. First: arm's length perspective (which will help us relate to your reader in ways you probably can't). Second, copywriting talent, paired with the everyday practice of relentless improvement.

Last but not least, tapping into our in-house staff means you build relationships with writers and strategists that deepen with time—so that ultimately, your army of outsourced copywriters can start finishing your sentences...and reading your mind.

Our Capability is End-to-End

Beyond web copy, we help with taglines, pitch decks, company profiles, and marketing collateral. We've named companies and product lines, written elevator pitches and video scripts, and crafted content marketing strategies (then executed on them).

Growth is the Point

We can generate inbound leads, apply for industry awards, ghostwrite thought leadership bylines, even craft the blog posts you all know you need, but haven't found any time to write.

And we can do all of it in a way that drives clear, measurable ROI. Focus on growth, and leave the writing to us.

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