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Your new platform, software, app, or device is going to change the world. It’s innovative, elegant, and effective—but your writing? Not so much. Maybe you get stuck describing features, spouting tech jargon, or explaining the exact genius of your offering. Your tech won’t mean much if no one understands what you do, how it works, and why it will transform everything.

Whether you’re a startup or industry leader, you need to communicate clearly why your technology matters, and how it can rock their world. That’s where MarketSmiths’ technology copywriting comes in.

Transform Your Technobabble

B2B or B2C, SaaS, innovation, hardware, or web development, tech businesses tend to think in terms of specs—everything your solution can do. At MarketSmiths, we flip that approach on its head, translating data points into human values—highlighting how your end-users benefit with your solution in hand.

Don’t get the wrong idea—we care deeply about capturing the nuances of your offering, which we discover in our in-depth content strategy session. Then we infuse those insights into engaging technology copywriting for your website, app, pitch, or article—intended to engage, excite, and inspire action.

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