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Videos are powerful marketing tools, capable of driving views, website traffic, product demos, and sales—all in as little as 15 seconds or two minutes. Done well, they amuse and activate, capture and clarify, entertain and educate. And if you’re smart, your video can go viral—drawing millions of hits in mere days.

But wait! Before you race to call your video production vendor, know this: Your video’s success has little to nothing to do with glossy production, celebrity appearances, clever animation, or sweeping cinematography. To the contrary…

It’s all about the script. 

The script is the blueprint for your video—deftly weaving your key messages and company strategy into a focused narrative engineered to drive results. Have a great video script, but lack the budget for primetime production? Carry on—your script does the heavy lifting for now, and you can invest more next time.

Even a million-dollar budget won’t work, if your script fails to capture attention, tell a riveting story, and land on a single message that’s aligned to your business goals. 

Clarify your strategy

As with anything, a winning video starts with objectives. What are you trying to achieve? Brand awareness? Product demos? Investment capital? With your strategy firmly fixed, you can safely begin concepting—knowing that you’re crystal clear on what you want to communicate to the viewers. 

Hook them from the first frame

The last thing you want to do is start talking about products, features, and benefits. No—this is storytelling. How can you capture their attention within the first few seconds? Kick things off with a bang—a fascinating anecdote, jaw-dropping stat, or contradictory perspective. Use humor, intrigue, and surprise. To put it simply, focus on the story—not the sale. 

Strategic storytelling is our specialty

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