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A phenomenal video can do it all. Whether animated explainer, dramatization, product demo, tutorial, or talking head, strategic video scripts can amuse and activate, capture and clarify, entertain and educate. And if it consistently causes people to guffaw or marvel or shudder or all three, it can even go viral–blowing out the barn doors for your business.

On the other hand, you’ve only got a few milliseconds–a handful of frames–to connect with your viewers. After that, they’ve passed judgment, hit mute, or clicked to the next video. You can’t waste a single frame on a script that’s anything less than clear, confident, and downright word-perfect.

And The Oscar Goes To…

We don’t produce, shoot, or edit videos. Nor can we draw (like, at all), direct, or animate. What we would love to do is help you clarify your concept, recommend you to a production shop within your budget, and craft a crystalline, engaging script that makes deft visual suggestions–or uses those you already have.

In a world where every frame matters, don’t leave your video scripts to chance.

Looking for a podcast script? We’ll write one that uses winning elements of proven podcasts.

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