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Waiting doesn’t pay. 

Your company website has been up for a refresh for months now—or longer. Maybe you want it to look and sound more modern. Maybe your team has pivoted strategies, expanded offerings, or undergone some other significant upgrade. Maybe your sales team just wants warmer leads—requiring your website to do more of the heavy lifting. 

Whatever the reason, your current website might be great to verify who you are and what you do. But if that’s all that it does, it isn’t pulling its weight—and that needs to change, stat.

But wait! New isn’t always better.

The bad news? A new website may not make a whole lot of difference. It might look great. But unless you’ve carefully considered the user journey—and populated that journey with website relaunch copy that positions you just so, then you’re making an often significant investment in the same ol’, same ol’. 

3 qualities of winning website relaunch copy  

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, which products you sell, or what service you deliver—if you relaunch your website copy with these three things in mind, you’re going to see an uptick in performance. 

Rule #1: Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. 

It may sound obvious, but the last thing you want to do is add complexity when you re-do your website copy. And yet, that’s precisely what many companies inadvertently do—burying the big-picture benefits prospects actually care about, and spending way too much time explaining nitty-gritty aspects that are all but irrelevant to the reader. 

Don’t let this happen! Ruthlessly distill your message so it answers the only question every reader is asking: What’s in it for me? Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with clicks, shares, sign-ups, and sales.

Rule #2: Don’t sound like everyone else.

Something often happens when people go to write marketing copy for their website. Suddenly all of the electricity and eloquence shared in company meetings, sales calls, water cooler chats, and happy hours get sucked out of their words—leaving a bone-dry shell of industry jargon that could easily be plopped onto any competitor’s website. 

Here’s the thing: Your voice matters more than ever in today’s crowded, noisy marketplace. You must be different—because contrast commands attention. The good news is, it largely boils down to a simple rule of thumb: Write the way you talk. If what you put on your website sounds like some second-rate version of how you sound at the company all-hands, you know it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Rule #3: Lead readers where you want them to go.

People are busy, distracted, and looking for any reason at all to close your website—and get back to scrolling Instagram. The antidote? Begin with the end in mind. Specifically, organize your website (and copy) in such a way that it leads readers, step by step, to a defined endpoint——answering questions, addressing objections, and touting benefits all along the way. 

Publishing a bunch of pages that aren’t thoughtfully interconnected puts too much responsibility on the reader. It’s up to your copy to guide readers—with skill and care—from landing on your website, to exploring your offering, to taking action. Before you spend any time polishing the perfect homepage headline, get this piece in place. 

Need to relaunch your website copy? Get help from the pros. 

At MarketSmiths, relaunching websites is what we do every day. Our copywriters and content strategists have helped dozens of companies in a wide range of industries—from finance to technology to healthcare—find the just-right words to make their websites sing, and more importantly: convert.

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