Does your website copy live up to your actual work?

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

Is that a funny question?

Maybe. But let’s be clear. Whatever you’re selling—and however complicated it might be, your best website is a swift and nimble sales engine. While you’re sleeping, it pulls off amazing feats, like make your reader feel thoroughly seen and understood.

But It Raises the Point

Far more than explain, articulate, or legitimize, your can deliver qualified leads to your inbound sales team, ready and eager to speak. Just by telling the truth. Now, why would you settle for less?

What It Takes to Get the Good Stuff

Big-ROI-driving website copy isn’t hard to create. But not just anyone can do it.

We start in the usual place: with information. But we go further, drawing insights and context—and extracting the strategies that shape every page. Word by word, we carry these strategies out. Step by step, we showcase—beyond any doubt—how you’ll transform a b2b or b2c reader’s life.

Even if your target reader is actually many people, like a schizophrenic three-headed monster with pink hair and gnarly toenails. Eek.

Your Ideal Copy Is Right In Front of You

Web copy your target audience feels with every cell, because you’re describing them to a tee. Site copy that’s packed with substance, and yet effortless to read.

Pages that ignite your reader with a verbal lightning rod that jolts them (gently) into a new reality. Words that proudly live up to what you deliver—and prevent your audience from being able to see what you do in quite the same way again.

It’s all 100% achievable, in the right hands.


Here are the most common ones we receive:

Who will be on my team?

You’ll get a brilliant lead writer, seasoned content strategist, and writing team (if needed), all of whom know your realm…so no hand-holding required. And they’re dedicated to your account, so they’re always deepening their relationship with you—and their understanding of your market.

What advantages does MarketSmiths offer over freelance copywriters?

By adding rigorously chosen, career-caliber copywriters to our staff, then dedicating them to your work in teams, MarketSmiths offers 6 specific advantages over freelance writers:

  1. You gain a long-term partner, not a short-term project resource. This comes with strategic understanding, built-in versatility, seamless scaling, and an end to repetitive onboarding.
  2. You benefit from our uncompromising selection process, resulting in superlatively effective writers that put clients first.
  3. The resulting team embodies an astonishing array of strengths—while collectively filtering out weaknesses. Suddenly, every deliverable now undergoes 6 types of quality assurances. In other words, you will no longer find yourself despondently rewriting a blog post on a wretched Friday night.
  4. As your new writers learn more about you and acquire fresh skills, they become formidable—to your daily benefit.
  5. Because they’re on our staff, your team assumes staff-level integrity, ownership, and accountability—and yet you don’t need to manage anyone.
  6. If all goes well, you’ll never have to test, recruit, oversee, revise, or onboard another writer again. 
What we do is really technical. It took me years to learn this stuff myself. How do you get up to speed on our subject matter?

It makes total sense that you might be skeptical: after all, complex subject matter can’t (and shouldn’t) be mastered overnight. Here’s the cool thing: we don’t need to DO what you do. Nor do we need to become subject matter experts (SMEs). We simply need to build an efficient bridge to your target audience, using words. Successful writing lures your audience to the exact message that best serves your brand today. End of story.

If you’re still wondering HOW, it’s simple: we apply a marketing mindset to journalistic-style inquiry. We deep dive into your material—coordinating conversations (with marketers, leaders, and SMEs), review (of existing assets, competitive sites, etc.), and research. After a few focused sessions, we won’t know how to do your job—as well we shouldn’t. But we WILL know how to position you in a way that’s engaging and persuasive.

We’ve developed a mountain of assets over the years. Can you help us sort through it all—and repurpose it in light of our evolution, and current strategies?

Goodness; yes. First, congratulations on being so industrious! Second, holy overwhelm!! We’re always excited about lending arms’ length perspective to partners. We can definitely help you get clear on 1) what to discard, 2) what to update, and 3) what to repurpose. What’s more, we’ll do the work—and soon, that mountain will be your edge.

What’s the difference between an account and a retainer? What’s the advantage of an account?

Great questions! An account matches the ebb and flow of your needs, minus any guesswork. When those needs are clobbering you, we scale our team to provide maximum support. When there’s little going on, we simply stand by—without costing you a penny in overhead. Everything is flexible and open-ended, which keeps things moving—without boxing you in.

Retainers (which we don’t offer) call for monthly spend regardless of work accomplished (or your needs). Accounts are more client friendly. Like a gift card, you replenish funds ONLY when you’ve exhausted the existing balance. That could take a few weeks—or many months.

Can you work with more than one client or project at the same time?

Yes we can: just like you. That’s because we’ve achieved some scale. If you do see some of the same copywriters on different project teams, it means we’re confident in their ability to hit multiple deadlines, while delivering precisely what you and your clients anticipate.

Do you work with our team, or our client’s?

Good question. We would prefer to have firsthand contact with your clients. We find that direct contact goes a long way toward landing necessary insights, which drive precise positioning and powerful, effective copy.

Do you work on a project basis, or are there other options?

For agencies, we suggest opening an account—which helps you track copywriting line items across all clientele. We’re glad to explain how this works—just hit us up for a call and let’s speak.

Will our work require extensive edits or hand-holding?

Not at all! Here’s why: Super-selective recruiting. We test 30 writers out of 300 — and accept just 1. (And we’re always recruiting, so we always have bandwidth.)

Rigorous internal QC. Our 35-point Strategic Quality Control results in careful oversight by the industry’s toughest editors — before you lay eyes on it.

Immersion. Every MarketSmiths writer is a content strategist-to-be, intensely immersed in goal-driven copywriting.

Mastery is built-in.

Complex topics? Steep learning curve? Curve balls?

This may or may not be an FAQ, but heck, we’ll still answer it. Complexities are our forte. Whether your subject matter is technical, complex (e.g. B2B2B), sophisticated (e.g. c-level), or otherwise hard to grasp, we’re not the kind to be intimidated.

  • We start with firm industry footings across most commercial domains.
  • We build on these with a thorough review of your materials—and an incisive kickoff. All the better if we don’t have completely on-point experience: we excel at exploring.
  • If needed, we’ll follow up with interviews with your SMEs–and any targeted reading and research.

Remember, we don’t need to do what you do. We simply need to understand the industry context, grasp the benefits (in a way that’s clear), and meet your audience where they sit. Happily, we’ve never failed to ‘get’ it. Deep tech. Neural networks. Waterfall distribution. Risk management. Gasification. Fluorescence microscopy. Contract lifecycle management. A host of niche privacy issues. Clinical trial compliance. The intricacies (and shortcomings) of 5G, health insurance, . The more complex, the happier we get. So yeah. Bring on your crazy!

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