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Do you work on a project basis, or are there other options?

Projects and subscriptions (monthly projects) are often a great way to go for agency work—especially if you need to keep your copywriting line items capped and contained. When we speak, we’ll be happy to tell you how our accounts work, as this might be of interest for certain work.

Do you work with our team, or our client’s?

Good question. We would prefer to have firsthand contact with your clients. We find that direct contact goes a long way toward landing necessary insights, which drive precise positioning and powerful, effective copy.

Can you work with more than one client or project at the same time?

Yes we can: just like you. That’s because we’ve achieved some scale. If you do see some of the same copywriters on different project teams, it means we’re confident in their ability to hit multiple deadlines, while delivering precisely what you and your clients anticipate.

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