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Do you have minimum fees for copywriting and content?

Yes. At this time, we are requiring an initial investment of USD 12,000 to 25,000 to start work (with no deadline to use these funds), or 6,000 to 12,000 per month (with minimum terms in place). If this is realistic, we will speak with you to understand your priorities and develop likely processes to achieve them.

How do you price your copywriting services?

With clarity, by customized flat fee. That way, you’re not getting any surprises, and conflicts of interest inherent in hourly and per-word rates are eliminated. Specifically, we offer three service types:

For non-recurring, finite accounts (like website copy, where there’s a beginning and an end), we price based on complexity, scope, and the like.

Do your writers do SEO copywriting, too?

Absolutely. We know very well that if they can’t find your content, they won’t find you. So we take these approaches to SEO copywriting:

First, we work with your SEO or digital strategists to incorporate keyword strategy.
Next, we make sure your content is intriguing, readable, and compelling.

How do your copywriters stay inspired?

Learning about a new business is always exciting. But what inspires us more is the challenge of creation. Our content strategists and copywriters are hunting for an “aha!” moment—or 12. When we hit them, our brains light up like exploding diamonds in a video game.

How do you keep content strategy consistent?

Simple. Regardless of your industry, format, or brand voice, we apply our 35-point Quality Control Process to ensure that every piece of copy does what you want it to: boost your brand while converting readers. This step is robust content strategy, and we don’t ever skip it.

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