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Do you use SEO?

Definitely. It’s imperative that they find you first.
Specifically, we’ll:

Use best practices to weave in provided keywords and search terms everywhere they should be (and nowhere they shouldn’t).
Write consistently good, consistently consistent blog posts and other traffic drivers—making them meaty and meaningful enough to matter.

How independently can you work?

Very. No matter how you’re tapping into our services, we’ll always start by asking for background materials and scheduling a kick off call to gain the kinds of insights that set our writing up for success.  We generally take initial direction from you on deliverables—through briefs, quick conversations, OR interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs).

How do you drive results?

We disregard nothing. Your readers—businesses or consumers—are thinking, feeling, acting humans, and we make them grin with the pleasure of being understood.

How do you find and channel our voice?

With great care—and the delight of discovery. More specifically, if you have branding guidelines with a tonal component, we’d carefully review these prior to discussion. Every new client (regardless of tonal guidelines) receives our tonal questionnaire, to be completed prior to the Content Strategy Session, or kickoff call.

How long should our web pages be?

Crisp augments clarity—and power. Meaty feeds SEO (but let’s face it, if you have other content, this is secondary). The best web pages typically range from 200-350 words, or 500—preferably in easy-to-read blocks. (The best blog posts are longer.)

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