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White papers can be delicious engines of authority. Well conceived and written, a great marketing white paper generates inbound leads, facilitates new business, and directs an intriguing skein of thought. Written poorly, it’s landfill fodder. Don’t let that happen to yours.

Just Enough is Way More

For white papers, it isn’t that less is more. We respect the desire to offer robust information: after all, a white paper isn’t a quotidien thing. It’s a special compilation that showcases your expertise. We think 3-5 pages–with or without sidebars and other juicy features–works well.

Nor is more more, as usual. It isn’t that the more information you cram in, the more likely you are to dazzle. As white paper writers, we know a rare stone set simply is more noticeable than one buried amidst similar gems. Nor is it that the less you say, the more you’ll be respected. We recommend sticking your neck out; after all, the real risk is that no one will read your paper, or get anything from it.

Not only can a white paper be engaging, it must be. Too many are boring, dull, and drab. Never forget that a human being is reading–and potentially acting.

At MarketSmiths, we help claim your throne to thought leadership on a viewpoint that you conceive, and we develop together. Written to engage and enthrall, yet remain professionally apt, our white papers serve as value-delivery vehicles to intrigued prospects, existing clients, colleagues, referral partners, networking contacts, and others. It sets you apart in a branded, intelligent, and perennial way. It can deliver a complex thesis or viewpoint, while giving evergreen testament to your hard-won authority.

Looking for ebook copywriting? See our LinkedIn case study on ebooks and other gated lead magnets.

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